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EDC Sunday | Space Pens

Space pens for terrestrial carry

The capacity to which your every day carry load out is limited by available space. Might as well use technology of unsurpassed quality, withstanding the test of time and..well…literally space.

Fisher Space Pens are celebrating their amazing 50TH Anniversary of the Fisher Space PenĀ® Ink Cartridge. This is where the real magic happens.


Hermetically sealed, nitrogen gas pressurized cartridge with a tungsten carbide ballpoint. Tungsten carbide! (see armor-piercing ammo)

No need for gravity to write, so if you hold your pen at and angle while writing, even upside down, the ink flows constantly.

Specially formulated ink with a paste like consistency keep the pressurized cartridge from leaking, while ballpoint pressure creates the spreadable properties of a traditional liquid ink, creating a consistent adherence to the writing surface of your choice.

Not to skimp on quality, The Fisher Bullet has the small form factor coupled with the durability you need exercising the rigors of everyday carry item. All Metal body with

Closed, Bullet Space Pens are the perfect size to carry almost anywhere.Open it’s a full sized writing tool. This pen is now all brass with a choice of finish.

If you are going to rely on an EDC pen, Fisher has been in the business proving just that for half a century for a reason!